New Football Terrace Fashion Brand

Lockdown has inspired people to do lots of new things.

Jumping around in your front room with Joe Wickes, not our thing. Instagram baking classes, nope, join a virtual supper club, you’re kidding, start a new football terrace fashion brand… we did.

Fritidsklader Football Terrace Fashion

Fritidskalder is myself and Paul. Of course, I’d seen Paul at away games, overseas trips etc, he’s quite distinctive, but I didn’t know him personally other than to nod to on the terraces.

In February, I stumbled upon his Fritidsklader designs online, 4 weeks later on the terraces at St Andrew’s we had a chat, a few weeks of emails followed, then a few weeks later Fritidsklader Ltd was registered at Companies House. 

Paul has a fantastic eye for designs, everything you see on our website is designed by him and he has some real gems in the pipelines that are soon to be released.

I’m ok with the boring admin, business and financial shite. So, before you could say back to back relegations, we had stock, a website, a Ltd Company, a Twitter account, an Instagram account and a football terrace fashion brand – easy!!!

Fritidsklader photo shoot

Just the photo shoot to nail now?

Photographer hired, studio booked, and we gathered on a dreary Sunday in Seaham. None of us are models (no shit, really), but we wanted to represent the everyday football fans that we are, and that we see week in week out on the terraces.

So, rather than hire a load of professional models, we took on the roles ourselves. The wonders a professional photographer can work (shout out to Vicki), you should see us in real life when we are not under the lights!!

What time can we go home?


You've been tangoed

With the photo shoot done, we were pretty close to being ready to go.

That’s our version of how to launch a football terrace fashion brand. We are just getting started and have big plans to bring you some really exciting and unique kit in the near future.

Thanks for supporting us on the journey this far…

Article by Fritidsklader

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