Passionate about football
Obsessive about terrace fashion.

Who are Fritidsklader?

Launched in July 2020, Fritidsklader is Goldie & Shaun. We are an independent start-up based in the North East of England designing and producing our own casual clobber.

We are on the terraces every weekend and inspired by the experiences of following our team around the country and our country around the world, with a hint of Swedish influence, Fritidsklader was born. 

The goal – to produce honestly priced quality clobber for football fans.

Who are Fritidsklader

How Fritidsklader began...

Fritidsklader reflective jacket
Fritidsklader Burnt Orange overshirt and cargo shorts

Goldie: “The dream had always been to start my own brand”.

Football and the casual scene are my passion and I’d watched it go stale. A Stone Island jacket & a pair of adidas. Nothing wrong with that but the whole ethos of casual was individuality and…I had some BIG IDEAS.

I knew there was an opportunity for something new and fresh, but where do you start?

Then, early 2020 and something happened that forced my hand. A change in circumstances left me unable to work. So, with nothing to lose, I decided to give it a go.

Logo designed, 12 T-shirts printed…They sold straight away, I was buzzing but, realistically that was gonna be as big as it got. A few t-shirts now and again, frustrating as I had ideas galore. 

Then, pure chance!

A lad called Shaun bought the last 2 of the initial 12 tees. He was someone I was on nodding terms with at the football but, nothing more. He liked the quality and design and we got talking. One thing led to another and we arrange to meet.

March 2020: Appropriately, we met on the terraces at St Andrews Birmingham. And a short discussion later Shaun was on board. He brought the business acumen to combine with my designs and ideas, but with “lockdown one” looming, we had a lot to do.

Company registered, website built, first tees produced (& a whole lot more). Eventually, we are ready to launch on the 10th July 2020.

The nerves, will anyone actually buy? And then we press the go-live button.

2 minutes and the first tee sold, then 30 on the first day. Roll forward to today and we are still here loving what we do and have now sold over 5,000 pieces. The reality though, we are just getting started…loads of ideas in the pipeline. 

What we are about?

We’ve always worn with pride, from the 80’s and 90’s we’ve watched terrace fashion styles changing and becoming repetitive and mainstream. We saw the opportunity to design and bring something new, sharp and fresh to the terraces.

Casual used to be about individuality & not being a terrace clone.

We make unique pieces inspired by our time on the terraces. Honestly priced, without compromising on quality. Pieces that challenge the big name brands and give football fans a choice.

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